Previous Conferences

Have a look at past conferences and events on steward-ownership to already soak up the conference spirit.

The Ownership-Conference 2018
Allianz-Forum, Berlin
Franz Fehrenbach, Bosch
Christian Kroll of Ecosia
Prof. Colin Mayer, University of Oxford
A little Stepdance
Big Event on Ownership
Kino International, Berlin, November 2019
Philip Siefer of Einhorn
Nadia Boegli of Wildplastic, November 2019
PURPOSE at work
Kasia Odrozek, Mozilla Foundation
Founding Event of the Stiftung Verantwortungseigentum
November 2019, Berlin
Peter Altmaier, CDU
Former German Minister for Economic Affairs, 2019
Prof. Anne Sanders, University of Bielefeld
Prof. Michael Hüther, Institute of the German Economy
Prof. Steen Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School
Get-together at Kalkscheune Berlin
Appeal for a new corporate form for steward-ownership
Oktober 2020, Berlin
Presenting the appeal to the federal government
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Former Chairwoman of the CDU
May 2021: Discussing the new corporate form
Robert Habeck (GRÜNE) and Friedrich Merz (CDU)
Olaf Scholz, SPD
The later chancellor said the initiative was of "great importance to societal solidarity".
Verena Pausder, Fox & Sheep

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